Quality Policy

Regularly manufacture, supply and install products, in compliance with all applicable contractual, industrial and statutory requirements. By providing this consistent quality of service, Al Matin Pipes® goals to meet customer needs and expectations and further enhance customer satisfaction. Al Matin Pipes® is committed to determine and meet customer requirements at all stages of work to the agreed quality, durability, value and time.

Implementation of this policy is the responsibility of all employees. Policy decisions and advices are given by the Top Management for implementation. All departmental managers and supervisors are responsible for communicating this policy to be understood by all personnel within the organization. In order to achieve the goals set forth in the quality policy, Al Matin Pipes® has established, implemented and maintained a Quality Management System, which meets in all respects, the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001: 2008. It consists of: - Quality Manuals. - Quality Assurance Procedures. - Process flow charts. - Work Instructions. These are comprehensive documents describing the policies, procedures and practices applicable to all areas of work. These documents have the full support of the Owners and top management. They ensure that all Company activities are controlled in a manner compatible with achieving contractual obligations effectively. It is a mandatory that all employees will adhere to the documented company procedures in order to achieve a consistent approach to Quality. The system's effectiveness relies on the implementation by personnel at all levels and the achievement of a sense of pride in the work being done.

In order to maintain the company strong base and leadership in a highly competitive market, Al Matin Pipes® is equipped with the most up-to-date machinery for the production of pipes and has employed trained and qualified personnel. All new employees are formally introduced to the Quality Management System and are trained in the use of all applicable procedures.

The company is committed to evolve and improve in line with our objectives of continual improvements. The Quality Management System is subjected to regular monitoring and updating as and when necessary. Employees are encouraged to advise of any problem in implementing the system and to assist in developing the system by providing positive suggestions for improvement.