Al Matin Pipes®, as a responsible Organization, has defined and developed an environmental policy that reflects, and is relevant to the nature, scale and environmental impacts of our factory activities, products and services and to demonstrate its commitment to:

1. Constant improvement and prevention of pollution.

2. Compliance to all relevant and available environmental legislation and regulations, and any other requirements to which Al Matin Pipes® may subscribe to or have control over.

3. Developing an environmental program that sets and reviews the environmental objectives and targets.

4. Documenting, implementing and upholding the policy and communicating it to all employees, and other personnel working in behalf of Al Matin Pipes®.

5. Security of Employees’ Health and ensuring their Safety at Work.

6. Preservation of resources like Raw Materials, Water, Fuels, and Energy by implementing up to date techniques and thereby efficient operation of the Plant.

7. Developing awareness among Employees and the Community about the important need for protecting the Environment.

8. . Setting Targets, Objectives and Programs to achieve constant improvement in the Environmental & Safety performance of the Company and their programs will be particularly monitored in terms of compliances to the requirements of their programs.

9. Keeping a high level of communication with the public about any environmental aspects related to our activities, products, and services.

10. Setting up procedures and mechanisms that ensure continuous improvement in environmental performance and prevention of pollution. Continuous improvement is a part of its business strategy, by using means that ensure its implementation such as but not limited to:

  • -

    Decreasing the rejection of production by strict quality and process control.

- Decreasing the rejection of production by strict quality and process control.